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Build and fund, 100% on chain

aedile is the first open and decentralized service offering individuals, teams, and communities, an alternative to their favorite management tools.

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Work together, in one shared space

Bring agility, and a DAO twist,
to the way you manage your projects !
Bring agility, and a DAO twist, to the way you manage your projects !

Decentralize your work

Create, organize and manage your projects on the blockchain

Reward your team

Award tokens to your team and encourage their progress

Raise funds

Find fundings for your ideas among a like-minded community

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Transparent and Secure,
Built on the Internet Computer
Transparent and Secure, Built on the Internet Computer

aedile is built on the first true World Computer, DFINITY's Internet Computer, a Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW) blockchain that runs under the control of an advanced DAO to completely automate and decentralize processes such as protocol upgrades.

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aedile is entirely built on the Internet Computer, a tamper-proof blockchain that can run at web speed, and scales without bounds to billions of users around the world.

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Harness the power and breakthrough performance of the Internet Computer, and embrace the simplicity of a unified blockchain driving optimal efficiency.

Group 5


ICP is the first blockchain protocol where web experiences can be built with smart contracts that scale to provide web interfaces that end-users can access through their browser.

Group 6


ICP runs on a decentralized network with dedicated hardware established by independent parties, and supports a new kind of autonomous software.

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Share in our vision of an open source world and help build it !

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Save money by storing your data in ICP smart contracts.

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Background roadmap

Step 1

Q1 2023

Team ramp up

Staff training

Total redesign of the application

Step 2

Q2 2023

UX rework of the application

Rebranding aedile design

New aedile website launch

Step 3

Q3 2023

Public projects

Presentation of the projects

Public dashboards

Step 4

Q4 2023

Basic DAO features

Funding features

Decentralized and Transparent : Our Vision

Aedile's main goal is to become a hub for developers and entrepreneurs to meet, share and collaborate around innovative projects. Our primary objective is to build a tool to foster communities and facilitate funding around new ideas.

As a developer, you will be able to earn cryptos, while bringing your expertise to the ICP ecosystem.
As an entrepreneur, you will have access to a wide community of passionate builders.
As an investor, you will have the opportunity to discover a large variety of brand new open services and many other cool projects.

As a part of the aedile network, you will empower a fast growing community and benefit from a network to form a tidal wave of exciting new opportunities !


Your Projects


Your Team


Earn Funds, Grow
Your Ideas

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Aedile is the fist open service offering individuals, teams and communities a decentralized alternative to their favorite management tools.

Bring agility and a DAO twist to the way you manage your projects !